Hotel Policy

Welcome to our hotel! Please review our comprehensive policy for a smooth and enjoyable stay.

The request for accommodation and breakfast included (as appropriate in the reserved rate) for an additional person
to those confirmed in the reservation, will have a value of USD30 plus taxes per night, using existing beds. The
request must be made 24 hours before arrival by email, by phone or by our WhatsApp.

Room available from 3:00 p.m., except confirmed Early Check-in. Departure time at 11:00 noon, except for confirmed
Late Check out. Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability and may incur additional charges.

Early departure notified during the stay will generate the total charge of the remaining nights reserved, at the
confirmed base rate and VAT tax (if applicable), except optional charges.

Accommodation and breakfast included (as applicable in the reserved rate) for a maximum of one (1) child under 12
years of age sharing a room with their parents. If an additional bed is required, it will be USD$15 per night if the
space in the room allows it and the request must be made 24 hours before arrival by email, by phone or our

Hotel Tax 10% applies to accommodation. 

12.5% VAT: this tax will be charged to all applicable consumption of food and beverages.

The USD rate will be converted to TT$ at the time of booking for the billing process, based on the hotel’s exchange

As a hotel policy, all guests and visitors must be informed during the booking and/or during the check-in process. we
suggest paying attention to this information, as unregistered individuals will not have access to rooms and areas of
the hotel exclusively reserved for guests.
The hotel is committed to ensuring that all facilities, services, and operations offered to its guests strictly comply with
the provisions of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago
By making a reservation, staying and/or visiting the hotel, you agree to abide by and comply with the provisions and
rules provided in the laws of Trinidad and Tobago and these terms and conditions.
Your cooperation in this regard is essential to guarantee a safe and pleasant stay for all our guests. if any guest or
visitor breaches these provisions, we reserve the right to take the pertinent measures, which may include notifying
the corresponding authorities, terminating the reservation or accommodation, and/or removing the person from the
hotel, through the mechanisms provided by the law.

The Chancellor Hotel and Suites supports and complies with Laws of Trinidad and Tobago, whose purpose is to
dictate protection measures against exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse against
children and adolescents.